About Jamie Thomas

English Consultant and Talk for Writing Expert

Jamie is an English graduate and accredited Talk for Writing trainer. He works both nationally and internationally in developing the core systems and practices that lead to sustainable improvement.  In addition to his role as a trainer, Jamie is Deputy Head and Head of English at a large four form primary school in Kent.

Jamie currently leads all elements of Talk for Writing training and is available for inset, consultancy and individual school support in all areas of English. He is passionate about supporting schools and individuals in the implementation of Talk for Writing, offering insight into his own school’s leadership, development and outcomes. He is also an advocate for the success Talk for Writing has throughout education and is now looking to work with secondary schools to look at transition into KS3.


Talk for Writing Training and Consultancy

Talk for Writing - Talk for Reading - Talk for Grammar - Talk for the Wider Curriculum

When working with schools, Jamie always liaises with senior leaders to design a training package that raises standards both in English and across the curriculum, whilst also generating increased confidence in and enjoyment of reading and writing.  Not only will the training and support provide schools with the skills and knowledge to embed the key principles and practices, it will also ensure that the school is, by the end of the project, in a position to maintain and develop the approach themselves. This is fundamental to sustainable improvement.


Inset / Training

Introduction to Fiction Writing

Introduction to Non-fiction Writing

Teaching Reading - Talk for Reading

Teaching Grammar and Spelling

Independent Application and Invention

Greater Depth in Reading and Writing

Talk for Writing in… EYFS / KS1 / KS2

Bespoke Online Training

Consultancy / Review

Planning and Review (highly recommended)

Leadership Development

Developing Whole School Systems

Talk for Writing Planning Workshops

In-class Support and Coaching

1 to 1 Staff Surgery Sessions

Bespoke Online Training


Training Enquiries




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