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Day 12 - Pigs (creative ideas for teaching English and maths at home)

For anyone new to this blog, the idea is simple - each day my boys (Joshua - 9 and Archie - 7) choose a stimulus that drives the learning. We hope that you enjoy the blog and can take some inspiration from what we love doing - making learning as engaging as possible!


Isn't it funny how pigs are often seen as these innocent creatures that are frequently terrorised or bullied in stories. That said, having three boys of my own, I can only imagine some of the crazy decisions they are bound to do in their lives at some point - a house of straw is probably the least of my worries. So today, with pigs as a stimulus and a 3 year old in love with books and stories, we had to recreate this wonderful story, with our own little twist in the tale...or tail perhaps.



  • algebra

  • number bonds

  • inverse calculations

  • mental arithmetic

Archie chose this lesson over dinner, announcing he would like to do some maths where 1 pig + 1 sheep = 1 cow. This early form of algebra promotes children to draw on their mathematical understanding and apply their skills to really understand the maths facing them.

Here is the worksheet I created and the answers, completed by Joshua. Should you like a copy of the worksheet in word form, please do contact me - happy to share.



  • playscripts

  • drama

  • twisted / adapted fairy tales

Again, this idea was inspired by, where the focus was on twisted fairy tales. The idea is simple - take a fairy tale you love and twist it so that either the characters or the story is different.

We began by watching this really fun cartoon adaptation:

We then sat down and wrote our own script, using the 'houses' and 'booby traps' available to us. Here is the script and short film - we hope you enjoy!


If you have enjoyed reading this blog, please do follow us. Alternatively, you may like to follow me on Twitter: @JamieWTSA.

My thanks to Pie Corbett and Talk for Writing for inspiring many of the ideas explored in this blog.

Do tune in tomorrow, when our stimulus is crosswords.

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