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Day 22 - Goats and Trolls (creative ideas for teaching English and maths at home)

For anyone new to this blog, the idea is simple - each day my boys (Joshua - 9 and Archie - 7) choose a stimulus that drives the learning. We hope that you enjoy the blog and can take some inspiration from what we love doing - making learning as engaging as possible!


Goats and Trolls

So, on day 12 we hd a lot of fun writing and performing our own twisted fairy story about The Three Little Pigs. As a drama fanatic, it really was a home-schooling day close to my heart. Low and behold, the boys loved it too and apparently so did many of you, as we have had lots of requests for another play.

So today, I give you our portrayal of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. We hope you enjoy!



  • Drama

  • Recount

  • Film and editing

Having had a request for us to recreate the 3 Billy Goats Gruff, we set about creating the story. I wanted to sew in some written work, so the boys each wrote a recount of their version of the story, in role as different Billy Goats. Here is the writing and the final performance. Hope you enjoy!


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We are so thankful to those of you who have inundated us with stimulus requests. We have made a list and will do our best to explore as many as we can. Do tune in tomorrow, when our stimulus is:


My thanks to Pie Corbett and Talk for Writing for inspiring many of the ideas explored in this blog.

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