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Day 33 - Curry (creative ideas for home schooling)

For anyone new to this blog, the idea is simple - each day my boys (Joshua - 9 and Archie - 8) choose a stimulus that drives the learning. We hope that you enjoy the blog and can take some inspiration from what we love doing - making learning as engaging as possible!



One of the joys of lockdown has been introducing the boys to new foods. One of my passions in life is cooking, and teaching the boys how to cook has been an absolute treat.

Having recently discovered a love for curry, the boys were desperate to include it as a blog post.

So today's learning has all been linked to cooking a great family meal.

We hope you enjoy!


English / Maths / Food Technology

  • Recipes

  • Advertising

  • Weights and measures

  • Cooking skills

You cannot rush a good curry - it needs time for the spices to all blend and come to life. Today, I showed the boys how to create a curry from scratch, ready for our evening family meal. They learnt how to prepare vegetables, measure ingredients, adjust heat for different requirements, and how to taste food to understand seasoning. The English was rich through the discussions we had and reflections that followed. After they had each cooked their curry, they could choose how to reflect on the session. Josh chose to create a persuasive poster for his curry and Archie wanted to write the instructions.

Here are photos of the session:


If you are enjoying this blog, please do share it and spread the word. Thank you to all of you who have got in touch and shared some of the outcomes from what you have tried - we love to hear from you.

With half term on the horizon, we will be turning our attention to devouring books, playing games and relaxing. We hope to see you all on the 1st June.

My thanks to Pie Corbett, Julia Strong and the Talk for Writing team for inspiring many of the ideas explored in this blog.

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