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Day 56 - Ice Cream (creative ideas for home schooling)

For anyone new to this blog, the idea is simple - each day my boys (Joshua - 9 and Archie - 8) choose a stimulus that drives the learning. We hope that you enjoy the blog and can take some inspiration from what we love doing - making learning as engaging as possible!


Ice Cream

It is a fact – July 1st is officially 'Creative Ice Cream Flavour Day.' I had to see it to believe it but don't need any more of an incentive to taste, create and celebrate the wonderful world of this sweet treat. Needless to say, it captured the boys' interest too!

We hope you enjoy!



  • Settings description

  • Observing and describing

  • Using the senses

  • Sounds and imagery

To help the boys tune into the world of persuasion, we began by talking about adverts we like on TV and what made them persuasive. The boys identified the catchphrases and the playful language, as well as the way they hook you in and make you want to buy the product.

We then co-constructed a little persuasive toolkit, brainstorming lots of words that would help us sell ice cream. These included those -est superlatives, appealing adjectives and rhetorical questions.

We then tuned into the world of exaggeration by co-creating a short simile poem. To help the boys, I gave them a load of photos to look at. The task was then to say what the ice cream looked like. The purpose of this game is to get the children thinking creatively and breaking cliche. They should feel confident to suggest new combinations. Remember, fear is the death of creativity!

Here is our shared poem:

We then turned our attention to our marketing pitch / advert. The joy of the toolkit is that they offer a menu of choices and options. Together, we created our own adverts, discussing the key elements and sharing them as we wrote. The lovely thing is how different they all are but how they all suit the style and purpose. As always, we then had fun recording them (I had too much fun!) Enjoy!


Bob's Brilliant, Blazing BBQ Ice Cream

Are you loving the warm weather? Do you crave that smoky, charcoal barbecue flavour on the tip of your tongue? Want it now? Well you’re in luck! Your barbecue dreams are soon to become a reality.

Bob's brilliant, blazing barbecue ice cream is the yummiest, the scrummiest, the please get in my tummiest. It is beyond your wildest dreams! It is the most incredible barbecue sensation known to man. The family will be screaming for more.

It is as smoky as a fire dragon's breath, as whippy as a twirly, whirly tornado and as soft as a cotton wool cloud. You will not believe the satisfaction this breeds – it is simply sensational!

“Wow! A velvety, godly, tantalising treat!“

Ice Cream Weekly

Do not delay – buy yours today!

© Jamie Thomas 2020


Crunchiest Cucumber Ice Cream

Are you sick of vanilla and chocolate ice cream? Then have the coldest, greatest and loveliest cucumber ice cream. Cucumber ice cream is the scummiest, yummiest ice cream in the world. It is as green as an iguana. It is the bumpiest, lumpiest ice cream. It is even bumpier then Mr Bump driving the bumpiest tractor up the bumpiest hill in Bumpyville. And that’s not all, did you know if you take a bite out of a cucumber ice cream it will transport you to the cucumber ice cream world where you will find your paradise?

"A-maz-ing! Delicious! The best ice cream ever!

Mr Whippy.

Believe your dream with cucumber ice cream.

by Archie


Outrageous Olive Ice Cream

Are you sick of strawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice cream? If so, have this amazing olive ice cream instead. It is the scummiest, sweetest, most superb olive ice cream in the history of ice cream. Olive ice cream is as black as a rumbling thunder cloud. Take one bite and you will be sent to paradise. Glistening and gooey, soft and sugary, sticky and squashy. The most tasty ice cream in the world.

Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Olive who?

Olive next door. Have you got any olive ice cream?

by Joshua

We obviously had to end the day creating our very own sundaes – I think this was the highlight!


If you are enjoying this blog, please do share it and spread the word. Thank you to all of you who have got in touch and shared some of the outcomes from what you have tried - we love to hear from you.

Do tune in tomorrow, where we exploring:

I Forgot

My thanks to Pie Corbett, Julia Strong and the Talk for Writing team for inspiring many of the ideas explored in this blog.

This blog is copyright. All materials herein, texts and supporting resources are copyright to Jamie Thomas & Talk for Writing. They may be used to support children/staff/parents in home-learning ONLY and not for commercial gain or for training or sharing widely, in their original form or any variations. They must also not be shared online or on any social media platforms without prior permission.

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